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Triptych- a joint project of Fashion Branding, Management and Design students.  Within two weeks and in a group of 30, creating a sustainable brand and matching collection for year 2030.

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Toxic-free. Biodegradable. Circular.


Evirit creates with nature and has the mission to heal the planet rather than further damaging it. Therefore, the presented collection is 100% biodegradable. 

Embracing the idea of reincarnation, we belief in the necessity of circularity. For example by using waste paper. Dyed  with natural dyes and coated with algae leather it becomes a beautiful water repellent fabric.  Also growing crystals from the mineral ‚borax‘ promotes this value of circularity. Being diluted in boiling water, the powdered borax settles on any surface it is exposed to, growing into an alluring crystal texture. For example on our hand crochet woolen grids. If there might come a time one of  our crystal garments is not wanted or needed anymore, the stones can be diluted and the crochet unraveled within a second. Ready to be turned into something new and exciting.  Enjoying collective hand-craft and embracing nature to grow into our highest potential: Evirit ❤️

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